Product Overview

The dual-view infrared USS-TIC-500 series dual-spectrum infrared body temperature rapid screening instrument is mainly developed based on the principle of infrared thermal radiation. It uses a non-refrigerated core and low signal-noise image processing technology. It is a non-contact, real-time, continuous and accurate Temperature measuring equipment. At the same time, a dedicated software system can be used to visually display the temperature information of the temperature screening objects.


It can be used for entry-exit health quarantine at customs, airports, stations, terminals, land ports, and epidemic prevention in key places such as schools, hospitals, office buildings Control scenes are widely used.

Product Feature

± 0.3℃
Screening Deviation
No Spread
Contactless  Temperature Measurement
2.5M ~ 3.5M
Measuring Distance
Resolution 384 × 288, Sensitivity Detector
Reduce False Alarm Caused By Other Objects
Support Detect Faces Wearing Masks.
AI Algorithm
Real-time Image Snapshot Of Abnormal Temp.
Auto Exposure Control And White Balance
Not One By One Temperature Measuring

Product Video & Typical Application

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