Temperature Screening Solution

Why Need Temperature Screening Solution?

​The current situation in Metro Manila is that we are still in GCQ. The recent numbers of positive cases still continue to rise one of the key symptoms of Covid-19 is fever. Therefore, it is a must to take safety precaution such as regular hand washing and always checking of body temperature. There have many ways to check temperature, but most of the methods having contact with people which cannot follow better social distance requirement. By using our product could decrease the connection with people and disease spreading.

Our Product

Heat-Tracker Series



Temperature Measurement Kit

Human Body Temperature Measurement Gate


Bi-spectral Infrared Body Temperature Fast Screening Instrument


Wrist Temperature Measurement with Face Recognition Terminal



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Free Delivery in Metro Manila area


Technical member supporting installation and teaching operation during the installation 

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One-year warranty of the repair and replacement which not including man-caused 

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